Amazon Hardwood Center is one of the largest dealers of hardwood, engineered
and laminate flooring products.

At our stores we offer a great selection of trusted and quality Canadian brands including Mercier, Superior, Wickham and BSL. Our five locations are spread across the GTA in Toronto, Brampton, Woodbridge and Markham to conveniently serve you better. We offer multiple sale events throughout the year so visit your local store often to find the best deal for you and talk to our professional and knowledgeable staff.

Latest Post

Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl Flooring

22 July, 2017

Vinyl is an artificial flooring material that’s ideal for high-traffic areas. It is a cost-effective substitute to hardwood floors as it is available in a variety ...

How Humidity Affects Hardwood Floors

29 June, 2017

Keeping hardwood floors in good condition requires proper care and maintenance. You’ll need to provide the right temperature and humidity control to prevent cracki...

The Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

27 June, 2017

Wood flooring is broadly divided into two categories, hardwood and softwood. Both varieties are popular flooring options. However, there’s a common misconcepti...

4 Flooring Options for Stairs Other than Carpets

23 June, 2017

Carpets make for excellent staircase covering due to their comfort and softness underfoot. There are several drawbacks with this flooring option, however. They wear ...


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