10 Ultimate Laminate Flooring Installation Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Laminate flooring is a beautiful but affordable option for your home. If maintained well, it can last for years and retain its lustre. However, homeowners can make certain mistakes while choosing the laminate flooring brand and during installation which can turn your dream project into a costly disaster. Mistakes with your flooring can be extremely difficult to rectify which is why they must be avoided.

Ensure the flooring lasts for years in the future by following these tips.

  1. Using too much water

Using a wet mop is the easiest and quickest way to clean your floor. But excessive water can seep in through the cracks between the tiles and damage the underlayment and lead to swelling of the planks. The key is to use a little amount of water so that it doesn’t seep in but will be enough to clean the floor. Use a dry or dust mop instead of water for regularly cleaning. If you have to wipe a spot, dispense water in the area using a spray bottle.

Standing water can lead to warping and must be avoided at all costs. Also, one must make sure a suitable underlayment is used so that the planks do not get wet from the floor beneath it. when the core and joints are not treated sufficiently according to the prescribed water-repelling products, such troubles may arise.

  1. Being rough with a tapping block

Being too over-enthusiastic with the tapping block to set the laminate planks down can lead to chipping along the corners and indentation marks. If your floor planks are of high quality with click designs, you will not require the tapping blocks at all. However, tapping blocks are helpful installation tools that can ensure your floor planks are evenly laid if you use it correctly. The best solution will be to seek help from a professional floor installer and avoid attempting DIY for the best results.

  1. Not preventing mildew growth

If your floor planks start buckling, it will soon be followed with mildew and mould growth due to the excessive moisture. Seek help from professionals to identify the source of the mildew at the earliest and eradicate them. If the mildew growth gets deep-rooted, a simple clean-up will not solve the issue and you will have to go for significant structural repairs. Such fungal growths can also affect the health of the homeowners and should be eradicated as soon as signs show.

  1. Overusing the vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming and sweeping the laminate floor is the best way to maintain it. However, vigorous sweeping and using inappropriate vacuum cleaner attachments for it can do more damage than good. Make sure you turn the brush roll off to avoid scratching the floor. Opt for a microfiber dust mop to gently sweep the floor instead of using brooms with bristles which can scratch the floor surface.

  1. Not leaving enough expansion space

When you install the planks and don’t leave any space for expansion, they will push against each other and lead to raised joints. The core of the laminate floorboards contains wood particles which can expand and contract at varying temperatures. The best solution will be to ensure a minimum space is left between the floor planks while installing them so that they can expand and contract easily without leading to raised joints.

  1. Not giving enough time to acclimatize

Gapping can happen if you do not acclimatize the floor planks properly. Significant change in temperature between the places where the planks are stored and where it is installed can lead to expansion or contraction of the planks. Acclimatizing it properly is the simplest way to prevent gapping. Also try and store the planks in the room where it has to be installed to avoid such drastic temperature changes.

  1. Damage due to furniture

The furniture complements your interior décor but it can be rough on your floor if you do not take the necessary precautions. Pulling the heavy furniture across the room frequently can leave permanent scratch marks and dents on the floor. Use furniture pads at the bottom of heavy furniture to protect the floor against scuffing and gouging. These pads may wear out over time but can be replaced with minimum expense from any home improvement store. But ignoring this little addition can leave deep marks on the floor which can cost you heavily when you try to replace the planks.

  1. Streak marks from cleaner

Many homeowners complain about streak marks that are left on the laminate floor even after mopping. Floor cleaners can leave such streaks which can diminish the beauty of your flooring. Try using a different floor cleaner or less of it every time you mop the floor. Glass cleaning solutions and a little amount of water can also help you get rid of these marks. You must clean up such marks as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent over time. Once you have finished mopping, buff the floor with a dry mop or absorbent towel to avoid such marks.

  1. Take note of pet damage

While laminate flooring is one of the most pet friendly flooring choices you have, it can get damaged too due to excessive abuse. Pet food crumbs and water from their dishes should be cleaned immediately to prevent lasting damage. Use absorbent pads under their food and water dishes to prevent such spills around them. This will also prevent scratching from their claws while they eat or drink.

  1. Consistent exposure to sunlight

Certain parts of the floor like the area right beneath a window is exposed to sunlight way more than other parts. Consistent exposure can lead to significant fading of that portion and the result will be irregular discolouration at places. Using proper window treatments to prevent constant and harsh sunlight or placing a carpet on those area will protect your floor better.

The features of laminate flooring make it a popular choice among homeowners who want to the look of hardwood flooring but within an affordable budget. If you take the necessary precautions against the above-mentioned problems, you can ensure that you get maximum utility out of the flooring material. Want to explore the various designs and grades of laminate flooring available near you? Amazon Hardwood Center can be your go-to place for high-quality laminate flooring in Toronto.

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