5 Possible Signs That Your Hardwood Flooring Needs Refinishing

The classic look that hardwood provides is loved by everyone. From the beautiful sheen to its rich colour, hardwood flooring has the ability to convert a house into a home. However, after a few years of suffering wear and tear, you may notice some imperfections visible in the flooring. These imperfections usually mean that it could be time to refinish your hardwood flooring. The best time to notice these imperfections is when your floor has just been cleaned, as there are no dirt or dust particles present on the surface. Here are some signs to look out for before making the decision.

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

  • Dents and scratches

Once your hardwood flooring has been cleaned, keep an eye out for gouges, dents, and scratches. These can happen for a number of reasons such as while walking with shoes, moving some furniture, or when things are dropped. If you see a lot of dents and scratches on the surface of the flooring, then it’s certainly time to refinish your flooring. Also, if you notice splinters on the surface, the flooring will need to be sanded before it’s refinished to avoid any kinds of bumps on the surface.

  • Cupping or gaps

The hardwood flooring in your home should be fitted together perfectly. However, eventually, you may notice cupping and gaps appearing. These can happen because of rapid cooling and heating and excessive moisture in the air. Refinishing can help eliminate any gaps or cupping present.

  • Discolouration of boards

After a few years, the protective sealant on the surface of the hardwood flooring tends to wear off and allows water, debris, and the sun’s UV-rays, to reach the wood itself. You can notice visible discolouration in certain areas due to this, and the hardwood turning grey or black in severe cases. It is a sign that the flooring needs to be refinished soon. If not done quickly, you may need to undergo even more extensive repairs later on, such as replacing the rotten boards.

  • Flooring level

Have you or anyone else ever dropped something on your hardwood flooring and seen it roll unprompted? This means that the flooring is not on the same level and that it’s time to have it refinished. Also, if your flooring appears to be wavy in parts, especially when you lie down on it, it could mean that there is a moisture problem. In this case, you should get your hardwood flooring refinished with the help of a sealer so that the moisture is unable to warp it further.

RugsOnce you begin noticing your area rug sticking to the floor, you should consider refinishing your flooring as this could mean that the floor is worn in certain places. Wearing can happen for a number of reasons, including heavy traffic and pet stains. The finish usually wears away the fastest, and hence must be retouched.

It takes time to refinish your home’s hardwood flooring, but a professional flooring company will be able to take care of it for you and do it right. You can enjoy the look and feel of your refinished flooring without having to face the cost of having it replaced.

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