How to Keep Your Laminate Flooring Clean (4 Easy Tips)

Laminate floors are gaining in popularity thanks to their ability to closely resemble solid hardwood, including hand-scraped and distressed wood. Since laminate is made from pressed wood, it’s highly durable and scratch resistant. These qualities make it perfect for high foot traffic areas like your kitchen.

Laminate is easy to maintain, however, some tips will help you prolong its life. This guide provides six helpful tips to keep your laminate flooring clean.

How to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean

Installing laminate floors help retain your home’s beauty for years. But keeping them clean is one of the major factors in maintaining that longevity. Here’s how.

The Tools

Cleaning requires tools. For laminate, we recommend a canister vacuum cleaner built for hard surfaces and a good microfiber laminate mop.

Keep your laminate floor dirt free by vacuuming daily. In addition, mop the floor thoroughly once a month.

Areas of your home that suffer higher foot traffic, like your kitchen, will need to be cleaned more frequently. To do this, simply use a washable and reusable mop with a microfiber head or disposable pads. Spray a floor cleaner and gently mop. Remember not to over-saturate the floor with cleaner and read the manufacturer’s manual for both the flooring and cleaner well ahead of time.

4 Cleaning Tips for Laminate Flooring

Yes, laminate resembles other materials, but you can’t clean it like those materials. Here are four easy ways to keep it clean:

  1. Practice Regular Cleaning Habits

One of the simplest ways to keep laminate flooring clean and well-maintained is to develop a regular cleaning habit. For instance, use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floor daily to get rid of dust and pet hair. Use an angled broom to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas.

In addition to these small daily cleaning practices, use a soft brush attachment during a weekly vacuum. Set the vacuum on the hard floor setting to ensure the beater brush doesn’t scratch the floor by rotating.

  1. Give a Thorough Cleaning Every Now and Then

Always remember when cleaning laminate flooring to use as little water as possible. This is to avoid standing water which can separate the seams, fade the floor colour, or cause the wood to bubble or swell.

To avoid this, only use products meant for cleaning laminate. However, you can also use a teaspoon of clear, unscented dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo diluted in a gallon of hot water. Make sure the floor doesn’t get soaked.

Mopping every two to three months is good enough, but avoid saturating the mop by squeezing and twisting it. As mentioned, microfiber laminate floor mops are a great choice, as they’re designed not to need much liquid.

If you want deeper cleaning, use a steam mop but make sure to wipe the floor with a dry, microfiber cloth immediately afterwards.

  1. Spot Treat Stains

To clean stains, you may have to spot treat them. For instance, you can blot spills with a microfiber cloth immediately after it happens.

To remove spots such as grease, gum or wax, use an ice pack to freeze the spot. Then gently scrape it up using a plastic knife or scraper. Once the entire spot has been scraped clean, wipe the floor with a subtly damp microfiber cloth to dispose of residue. Always make sure the area is dry once you’re done cleaning it.

  1. Protect Your Flooring

As you can see, you have to take precautions when cleaning laminate flooring. Here’s how:

  1. Never use a floor buffer or polisher .
  2. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners or abrasive tools to preserve the protective coating.
  3. Use protective mats under heavy furniture and never slide them across the floor.
  4. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed.

Keeping your laminate flooring clean isn’t difficult if you follow the right procedures. Like any other flooring material, it requires maintenance, but this is easy with laminate. Following these tips is sufficient to preserve the beauty and functionality of your laminate flooring. However, if you notice recurring damage or persistent scratch marks, get in touch with a laminate flooring expert.

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