Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an asset which adds to the resale value of your home which is why you must not compromise on the quality or the installation. Many homeowners make major mistakes when they try out DIY ventures which compromises the quality of the finish. One may have to redo the entire flooring because of such mistakes which leads to additional costs and labour.

This post highlights the common mistakes that one often makes and how they can be avoided.

  • Misjudgment regarding hardwood species and finish

Different species of hardwood have different characteristics and as a result, respond differently to foot traffic and climate. Choose the hardwood species based on what you need and your circumstances. If you have a large dog for example, a hardwood species with higher scratch resistance should be chosen. Avoid a glossy finish which is likely to emphasise the scratches and wear. If the climate of your locality fluctuates and is humid, consider applying weather proof polyurethane and resin coating to the flooring.

  • Not following the order of décor related works

Flooring is just one aspect of home décor and when you are installing it or refinishing, you must do so in the proper order so that other construction works do not damage your newly finished floors. There are other works like furnishing the home, cabinetry, plumbing and electric work which can be messy and damage the flooring. Try to finish all such work before you start the flooring installation to make sure your flooring is intact.

  • Not allowing sufficient time to acclimatize

Wooden floorboards require a certain time period to acclimatize with your home’s climate. The time period varies from species to species. To minimize the chances of warping and gaps during installation, it is essential to let the boxed floorboards sit in the room it will be installed in for a few days before the installation work begins.

  • Cutting the budget and compromising the quality

We all try to save some extra money wherever we can, forgetting the impact it may have in the long run. If you cut the budget, the quality may be compromised too. Cutting the budget on your flooring choice and installation service can cost you much more in later years. Homeowners usually opt for cheaper contractors of questionable reputation, choose cheap materials and try to install it themselves. This results in average or mediocre looking floors and necessity to refinish or change the floor boards sooner then usual.

  • Waxing the floor degrades the polyurethane

It used to be that polishing the wooden floor from time to time with a coat of wax was the best way to maintain its sheen. However, in modern day, the hardwood planks are treated with water or oil-based polyurethane to prolong their lustre. Waxing over the polyurethane degrades the coating and reduces its life span. You will need refinishing services sooner than expected when the coating is damaged.

Homeowners make these mistakes solely due to lack of knowledge. The above-mentioned mistakes can be avoided easily when you appoint a professional contractor at your service and consult experts regarding the best choices you have.  Amazon Hardwood Center is a reputed hardwood flooring store in Brampton where you can find all kinds of flooring services you want.

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