How to Choose a Child-Safe Flooring Solution for a Nursery

If you have a toddler at home,  it is natural to want a room dedicated to him or her. Having a nursery gives you a dedicated space to attend to your child’s needs. One thing you want to make sure of, however, is that the room is safe for your child. The flooring plays a vital role in this result. In this post, our experts provide some key suggestions which will help you choose the right flooring for a nursery.

Different Flooring Solutions for Child Safety in House

Key Criteria to Consider

There are some key criteria which you must keep in mind while shopping for flooring options for a child’s nursery. They are:

  • Future use

Your child will not be a toddler forever and as they outgrow the space, they may no longer need the room. If you plan to redesign it later on to fit the requirements of an adolescent, choose a durable and permanent flooring option like laminate or hardwood. You can use area rugs or carpets when they are toddlers to prevent slipping or falling accidents.

  • Allergic tendencies

If allergic tendencies run in the family like asthma, look for hypoallergenic flooring options. Vinyl, laminate and hardwood are the winners when you’re looking to minimize allergies and dust particles.

  • Scratch marks

Scratches and dents are inevitable in the nursery from rough play and toys. If bumps, dents, and scratches bother you, consider using a carpet over the hardwood or laminate flooring. You can also go for cheaper alternatives like vinyl which you can replace periodically.

  • Warmth

Choose a flooring type which will remain warm. Cork and carpet can be a great choice but if you want a more lasting option, consider installing an under-floor heating system for hardwood or laminate flooring.

  • Softness

When your hyper-excited toddler is at play, anything can happen. Rather than restricting their movement, consider flooring options that can minimize the impact of falls. Carpeting the floor or placing cushions around the crib can minimize the impact of any unfortunate accidents that may happen.

  • Noise absorbing

Balls bouncing around and toys falling off the shelves – a familiar scenario? With all the noise the toddlers are capable of generating, choosing a flooring material that can muffle sound to some extent can be a greater relief than you realize. Vinyl tiles and area rugs will be helpful in this regard. You should avoid hardwood or engineered hardwood as they can be noisy even under normal circumstances.

Flooring Types to Consider

Now that you know the criteria to consider, we can evaluate the best option based on the flooring types for a child’s nursery or playroom.

  • Hardwood

This is the safest and the most permanent flooring option for any room of the house. Choose hardwood with natural non-toxic sealant without any stain. Install it using any method other than nailing it down. Avoid reclaimed hardwood or floorboards that are laminated. Since hardwood is easy to clean and does not attract dirt or dust mites, the chances of allergy are negligible. Not to mention, the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring instantly gives the nursery a face-lift.

  • Laminate

This is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood but has equal benefits. Laminate flooring is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Make sure you choose low or zero emission laminates to be on the safe side. The only drawback laminate has when compared to hardwood is regarding its aesthetics. Laminate flooring is beautiful in its own way but if you experience the beauty of hardwood, settling for laminate may feel like a compromise.

  • Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is resistant to stains and spills. Moreover, the free-floating installation method makes it an apt choice to minimize the impact of accidents. The price range is affordable enough making it a wise choice for the children’s nursery. Moreover, if you plan to renovate or remodel the room in the near future, then this is a flooring material that you want. Try to go with vinyl flooring from manufacturers who remove the toxic phthalates from their products.

Other options to consider

Apart from the options mentioned above, carpet is a great choice for your child’s playroom. But a major downside is that it attracts dust and pollen which can be harmful to the child and has to be regularly cleaned to get rid of such allergens. Cork flooring is also a great choice because of its softness but you will not be able to enjoy the durability, variety and classic finish of hardwood and laminate when you go with it.

Materials to avoid

Some flooring materials are definitely not recommended for a child’s room as it puts their safety at stake. They are:

  • Tiles

The hard and cold surface of tile flooring is not recommended for a child’s. Moreover, the tiles can be slippery which can increase the chances of accidents.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo flooring can get scratches easily which is likely to happen with so many activities going on in the nursery. Moreover, refinishing it is not as easy as hardwood making covering up the damage not as easy.

The basics of designing a child’s nursery involve ensuring it is safe. The chances of accidents are directly connected to the flooring and hence, it should be chosen carefully. If you are well aware of what affects the safety of the nursery, selection of the right flooring will become easier.

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