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    Choosing The Best
    Laminate Flooring For Your HomeThe Perfect Alternative to Real Wood Flooring That’s Within Your Budget

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    When choosing laminate flooring, consider the following factors:

    • Installation Method- Laminate flooring became popular because of its easy installation. It comes in glue-less click-lock, glued laminate, or pre-glued categories.
    • Abrasion Class Rating- An AC rating is the standard for testing the durability of a laminate floor. The rating is often labelled as AC1, AC2, AC3, and so on, and the pictograms used to refer to them denote either the building type or the number of people. The building type determines if it is suitable for commercial or residential use, and the latter is used for to refer to moderate, general, or heavy traffic use.
    • Finish- This is perhaps the most important factor in choosing the right laminate flooring for your home. Your laminate flooring can have a smooth plain finish, be embossed or textured, or be distressed or hand scraped.
    • The Desired Appearance- Different designs go with different settings, for example, old barn wood style floors are suitable for a farmhouse look, while a driftwood style complements a coastal setting.

    There is the availability of various types of laminate flooring in Toronto, based on the texture, floor construction, the installation method, and the material you want it to imitate. Consult with our flooring experts to find out the right one for your home décor.

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    Installation Methods
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    Our Experts Ensure That the Correct Laminate Flooring Is Installed Using Appropriate Procedure

    Laminate flooring installation methods come with their own set of specifications that determine the level of difficulty of the project and the durability of your floor.

    The installation methods that are generally applied include:

    • Gluing Method- The safest and most permanent installation process is to directly glue your laminate flooring to the underlayment.
    • Glue Less Method- Less secure than the gluing method, but the interlocking laminate planks make it easier and quicker to finish the flooring project.
    • Rotate & Click- In this method, the laminate floorboards are attached to each other at an angle, and then rotated down until it is lying flat on the floor.
    • Horizontal Insertion- Your laminate flooring is laid flat on the floor and then locked together in this method, making it the perfect choice for the difficult areas, like corners.

    For an affordable and durable alternative to real wood flooring, opt for the best laminate flooring products in Toronto. For any assistance regarding installation and maintenance, consult our professionals.

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