8 Meditation Room Decor Ideas to Find Inner Peace

Life is full of challenges and anxieties. COVID-19 has added to our stress levels. It’s no wonder that more people are turning to meditation for a happier, more fulfilling life. Even leading organizations like Google, Apple and Nike have incorporated meditation into their employee wellness programs. Known for enhancing focus, constructive thoughts and positive emotions, meditation is the most widely practiced method of self-development.

Considering its numerous health benefits, it makes sense to create a personal space that helps you find inner peace. While there are no hard and fast rules about how you should decorate a meditation room, there are a few things that you just can’t do without.

Meditation Room Décor Ideas

8 Awesome Decor Ideas for Your Meditation Room

There’s nothing better than having space dedicated to your peace and emotional wellbeing; one that provides a therapeutic escape from the daily grind.

To that end we’ve compiled a list of items to enrich your meditative experience and make you feel refreshed.

  1. Greenery and Fountains

Nature has a healing effect on our minds and bodies. While it would be ideal to meditate in a natural setting, it’s not always possible. Adding a touch of greenery and water to your personal meditation room brings balance and harmony to the space.

To achieve this, consider bringing in a vase of fresh-cut flowers or potted plants. They don’t just look good but keep the air clean and fresh. You can use scented flowers like roses or jasmine for their long-lasting fragrances and indoor plants like peace lilies and English ivy for their air purifying properties.

From lowering anxiety and stress to promoting better mental health and sleep, water has many health benefits. Even simply observing water ripples makes us calmer and more relaxed. For this, a fountain is a must for your meditation room. The calm and soothing sound of water falling will create the perfect ambience.

  1. Optimal Lighting

As with all rooms, your meditation room can be made or broken by its lighting.

While natural light is highly recommended, too much sunlight can distract. You want an adequately lit space that is bright but not overwhelming. Choosing a room with ample sunlight provides your body with vitamin D and makes you feel more positive. The setting will make your meditation more effective and peaceful.

Use blackout curtains to block glare and other distractions outside. If you’re meditating in the evening, consider using dimmers to regulate light levels and create the perfect, calm mindset. Avoid fluorescent lighting or stark white lights in your meditation room as these can be distracting and cause dizziness and headaches. Instead, use Himalayan salt lamps to provide a warm glow to improve your mood.

  1. Colour Scheme

Studies have shown that colours have an impact on our mood, appetite, energy levels and productivity. In fact, you can experience different physical, mental and emotional changes due to certain colours. For example, the colour red can make you feel angry and agitated while blue evokes inner peace and harmony.

When choosing a colour scheme for your meditation space, opt for white, pale yellow, blue, green or pastel shades. That doesn’t mean you have to paint all the walls white or yellow; instead, choose light colour curtains (with blinds) and throw in rugs and pillows in complementary shades.

You can also add wooden artifacts, statues and other decorative items to add pops of colour.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Since meditation and yoga are mostly related to the floor, it’s important to consider your meditation room’s flooring.

Hardwood floors aren’t just hardy and durable but evoke an earthy feeling ideal for relaxing. Both oak and Brazilian tigerwood have neutral tones that match the minimalist theme.

Since you will be barefoot most of the time, choose a soft or medium-soft hardwood such as walnut, cherry, ash, birch or Douglas fir.

Unfortunately, even soft hardwood is somewhat hard and scratches easily. Use carpets and rugs on top of hardwood floors to prevent scratches and increase comfort, especially since you’ll be sitting on the ground for extended periods.

Carpets also provide insulation and cut off distracting external sounds.

  1. Incense, Candles and Essential Oils

The right combination of candles, incense and essential oils has a therapeutic effect on both the mind and body, as they help you relax and forget your troubles.

Choose soothing fragrances that generate a sense of calm without being overwhelming or distracting. Invest in a quality aroma diffuser that will help you relax during meditation and improve your overall well being.

  1. Fresh Air

There are many benefits to fresh air. These include improved blood pressure, immune system and heart rate; better digestion; and a more positive outlook on life.

To that end make sure that there are enough windows in your room and that it’s well-ventilated. If it lacks windows, consider investing in an air purifier or dehumidifier. Choose one with  ‘quiet’ technology so it doesn’t interfere with your meditation.

  1. Music

Listening to music relaxes your mind and cuts out unwanted noise. It also minimizes distractions. You don’t have to go for classical, chants or typical meditation music. Choose anything that relaxes you, although it’s best to avoid songs with lyrics or anything too loud. You can also listen to birds chirping, water splashing, rain falling or other soothing sounds of nature.

  1. Personal Touch

It’s always a good idea to add something personal to your space. This could be bells, crystals, chimes, beads or wall arts. Just remember not to overcrowd the space. Choose only a few items and change them every now and then to create a different look and feel. This way, you won’t feel bored of doing the same thing every day.

We label the rooms in our home by their purpose – dining room, study, living room and so on. But what about a space dedicated to peace and silence? Now that you know how to create one, go ahead and find your inner peace. Happiness lies within, not in your possessions. Happy meditating!

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