10 Awesome Hardwood Flooring Hacks That Will Make Life Easy

Let’s say it has been a while since you installed the hardwood flooring at home and over the time it has developed some wear and tear in places. The minor scratches and dents do not call for refinishing but make your floor look unsightly and the lustre of the newly installed floor is somewhat lost. Regular maintenance can minimize such wear and tear to a large extent but not eradicate the problem entirely.

This post compiles some useful hacks which will help you to get rid of any unsightly scratches and dents on the hardwood flooring and retains its beauty as long as possible.

  1. Canola oil helps to remove scratches

This works wonders when there are very minor scratches on the floor. Such scratches will appear irrespective of the traffic over time. Mix one part vinegar with two parts canola oil. Apply this mixture by gently rubbing it onto the scratched area with a cloth dipped in the solution. You do not have to wipe the mixture off. Let it get absorbed by the wood and once it dries out, the area will shine and look as good as new.

  1. Microfiber duster prevents scratches while cleaning

Cleaning hardwood flooring is easy but there are certain things you must maintain for the best results. A regular broom can subtly scratch the hardwood surface and this can be avoided by opting for a microfiber duster. The microfiber duster not only protects the floor against scratches but also can easily attract all the particles like pet hair, dirt, dust, and other debris and removes them easily.

  1. Paint stains can be removed with facial wipes

Were the walls or cabinets recently painted? It is likely that there will be minor paint stains and droplets on the floor here and there. Even a small spot can ruin the beauty of the floor and draw unwanted attention to the flaw. You can simply wipe the spot with a facial cleansing wipe before the paint dries up to completely remove it. This hack is very helpful when you accidentally splash paint during some painting project in the house.

  1. Walnut shell can lighten scratches

Simply shell a walnut and rub it on the scratch. Eventually, the scratch will lighten or disappear completely depending on its depth. The oil in the walnut shell helps to hide the scratch when you rub it on a wooden floor.

  1. Repair dents with iron and a wet cloth

Small dents may appear on the floor for several reasons like dropping heavy things on it or moving the furniture around repeatedly. Dents also appear when the installation was not done properly. When you have dents all around the house, the overall result can be very unsightly. An iron box and a wet cloth are all you need to repair them in minutes. Dampen the dent slightly and then place the wet cloth on top of them. Gently iron the place in circular motion. Do remember not to leave the iron static on one place for long to avoid creating burn marks. Do not iron the area beyond five minutes to bring the dents up.

  1. Stabilize wobbly furniture legs with wine corks

Wobbly furniture legs are a major reason for dents and scratches on a hardwood floor. Every time a chair with wobbly legs is pulled, it scratches the place. You can solve this problem using old wine corks. Shape the corks with a knife and glue them under the wobbly leg and the problem will be solved.

  1. Baking soda to remove pet urine and odour

Pet urine will leave a stench, particularly in warmer weather and stains the hardwood if not cleaned immediately. Moreover, your pet is likely to pee repeatedly in the place where they smell their urine. Blot the area with copious amount of baking soda and leave it for a few hours till the urine is entirely soaked up. Once it is done, gently cleanse the baking soda with a mild hardwood floor cleaner.

In case the odour is not entirely eliminated with the baking soda, you can use an enzyme-based odour cleaner which will remove the odour by breaking down the enzymes in the urine.

  1. Black tea renews the shine and lustre

Over time and due to foot traffic, hardwood flooring loses the shine and lustre it had initially. If you have darker hardwood flooring, a tea scrub is a great way to clean, polish and freshen up the floor. Not only that, it leaves a very pleasant scent in the house. prepare the cleaner by boiling a cup of water and dipping four tea bags in it. Let the tea bags sit for as long as possible for a stronger cleaner. Let it cool down and dampen a cloth in it. Use the damp cloth to wipe down the hardwood floor and dry it up fast. This will leave the floor shining and clean.

  1. Baby powder can fix creaky floors

Creaky floors occur when you have high foot traffic in the room. This can be easily fixed by sprinkling sufficient baby powder in the creaky spot. Using a brush or microfiber dust the powder into the cracks and the creaky noise will cease.

  1. Ice cubes help to remove sticky things

Anything that is sticky like glue drops or chewing gum can be removed by simply rubbing an ice cube on them. Instead of waiting for the gum to dry up and harden, freezing it with an ice cube with quicken the process and you can quickly scrape it up with a blunt spatula without scratching the floor.

Hardwood flooring has a classic beauty and you will not want it to be marred with scratches and debris. The above mentioned are some innovative hacks you can use for day-to-day hardwood flooring maintenance. Want to refinish or replace the existing floorboards instead? Maybe it is high time to change old floorboards and daily hacks can no longer help you- Amazon Hardwood Center is just a call away and you can visit us during business hours.

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