4 Amazing Decor Tips for Rooms with Dark Hardwood Floor

Dark hardwood primarily refers to deep brown, grey and black wood usually obtained from species of mahogany, hickory, oak and ebony. There are several reasons why dark wood is chosen for flooring and has been in trend for quite some time now. The dark colour acts as a prominent backdrop for furniture and accessories. Effects of exposure to sunlight are not quickly visible in dark wood flooring which is an added advantage that lighter variants fail to offer.

Dark hardwood has a bold look that is often overboard for many homeowners. However, decorating a room with dark wood depends largely on the hue of the wood, and can be tricky. This blog reveals various décor trends that complement the dark hardwood floor to bring out its ultimate beauty.

Décor Tips for Rooms with Dark Wood

But the basic principles are similar as you need to take the wall colour, furniture, curtains, and accessories into account, irrespective of the hue of the wood.

1. Wall colour and texture

The wall and the floor together create the foundation for your overall décor theme. Hence, choosing a wall colour that complements your floor and enhances the beauty rather than overshadowing it is important. The choice of wall colour is a vast topic. We’ve summarized the tricks of choosing wall colour and texture below.

• The size of the room must be taken into consideration while choosing the wall colour, especially if you are inclined towards bright and deep colours.
• Consider light coloured walls which let the dark floor stand out and creates two focal points of the room.
• If you have a large room, dark walls can be opted for as it blends well the dark flooring and imparts a neutral look to your home.
• Apart from simple wall paint, you can also look for stucco and wallpapers which to add character to your wall.
• Other wall décor alternatives that can work with dark floor is wainscoting which can be done with wood, marbles, tiles, and variety of other materials.

2. Window treatment

Windows play a major role in the overall décor scheme of your home. hence, it must also be chosen in accordance with the flooring and the wall colour so that the interior appears as an entire unit. The choice is not only influenced by the flooring material but also by the window design, the overall light you get, and the privacy requirements you have. Do note:

• The type of window before determining the window dressing and treatments.
• Choosing curtains or blinds in colours like your floor can complement the décor perfectly.
• Faux wood shades or wooden plantation shutters in light colour match well with the darker floor
• If your privacy is a priority, choose darker colours and heavier fabric for drapes.

3. Furniture

Since the furniture are placed directly on the floor, they impact your décor the most. The furniture style, material, design, altogether has a visual impact. Matching furniture with hardwood floor can be tricky as many homeowners fail to work out the wood-on-wood décor successfully. The following are certain furniture related décor ideas which are in trend and particularly suitable for home with dark hardwood floor:

• Choose wooden furniture made of paler wood which will create a tonal contrast but still appear enough sober.
• White furniture like a white leather sofa set, or white bar stools add a striking contrast against the floor, particularly if the hardwood is nearly black in colour like ebony. You can also consider variations of white depending on the hue of the floorboards. Ivory or off-white with metallic finish can impart a striking look if used sparingly in a room with dark floor and neutral walls.
• Match the furniture legs to the floor which looks elegant and pulls the overall décor together. This works best when the walls are of light hues.
• Consider upholstery in bright colours or pastel shades which creates a contrast with the dark floor and impart a cheerful ambience to your home.
• For a blended look, wrought iron furniture can be chosen for your home.

4. Accessories

Lastly, the various show-pieces, and accessories that you are using to decorate the room must also be coherent with the dark flooring. The accessories can be anything from a lamp shade to a potted plant. Certain important factors that you should note about choosing the best accessory for the home is:

• If your walls are moderately dark, like greige shade, area rugs in light colour is a great choice. Similarly, a dark colour area rug will work perfectly when the walls are light coloured.
• Leafy plants particularly complement the dark hardwood floor and you can incorporate a couple of leafy potted shrubs in your home.
• Bronze and metal showpieces in antique colour complement your home décor particularly well if you have a dark hardwood floor.

Dark wood flooring offers numerous advantages but at times it becomes difficult to balance the intense look with the right kind of decor. The tips and suggestions shared in this post will help you choose the solution that works best for your home and meets your lifestyles needs.

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