4 Best Flooring Types to Design a Luxurious Lake House

A vacation home or lake house is a place to relax and enjoy the summer warmth. However, you likely don’t want to spend that time maintaining the house every time you visit. This calls for a sustainable choice of flooring. Unlike your regular home, a lake home is subjected to huge amounts of moisture and humidity due to its proximity to the lake. This must be taken into consideration.

The flooring is a vital part of the house and should be chosen carefully. In this post, we are going to list the benefit of different flooring options which you can use for your lake house without worry.

Criteria to Select the Most Suitable Flooring for Your Lake Home

A relaxing vacation home requires a low maintenance infrastructure that is durable and can withstand the foot traffic well. Whether you are renovating the house or building a brand-new one, here are some criteria that you must keep in mind before finalizing the flooring material.

  • Quick drying

Our cleaning habits become somewhat lax when we are in the mood for a vacation. Pets and children running in and out of the house with muddy feet is a common scenario. Flooring types which will not stain and soak up the dirt are preferable choices in such situations. Carpet flooring can provide enough warmth but attracts dirt and stains easily. It becomes a minefield of mildew growth and absorbs odours, making it a poor choice. Moreover, most lake houses usually do not have good ventilation and hence, drying out the floor is difficult. A hard flooring material like hardwood, vinyl luxury tiles and laminate fares better for such homes.

  • At par with nature

The lake home is a place of relaxation and designing it in tune with the outdoors imparts a soothing ambience to the house. A lake house interior design that reflects the outside nature is best possible when you choose the flooring and interior décor accordingly. Hardwood flooring is a great choice for creating such an ambience and also adds to the resale value of the house.

  • Moisture resistant

Since the moisture level is very high near the lake, you will need a flooring material that has high resistance to the fluctuating moisture level. Moisture can lead to warping and buckling of the floor material and eventually damage it. Exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring have natural moisture resistance and hardness to a certain extent. If you want absolute moisture resistance with minimum maintenance, engineered hardwood is a great choice for lake house flooring in Toronto.

  • Durable

The lake house floor is likely to be exposed to water and humidity more frequently. Moreover, you will have heavy foot traffic with minimum maintenance during your vacation here. Choosing a material which is durable is hence very important so that you do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon in the future. Textures and styles like weathered and distressed wood have a lot of character and can hide surface damages like scratches easily.

The following are the different flooring materials which are suitable for a lake house. Read on to find out how they are suitable and how well they will fare.

  1. Hardwood

Hardwood is durable, beautiful and increases the resale value of the house. There is a wide variety ranging from oak, maple, hickory to overseas exotics like mahogany and rosewood. The primary concerns when you are choosing hardwood flooring is the cost and chance of water damage. Depending on the species of hardwood you have chosen, installing hardwood flooring can be very expensive. Flooring or years of wet foot traffic can cause serious damage to the floor which will be expensive to replace.

Hardwood Flooring

If you go for hardwood flooring, choose variants which have more character and high a Janka rating. Ensure that the flooring is coated with polyurethane thoroughly so it can resist the moisture of the lake region.

  1. Laminate/ vinyl

Both laminate and vinyl are affordable flooring alternatives Both laminate and luxury vinyl have better resistance to moisture and humidity compared to hardwood. They are both very easy to maintain and can be installed at a fraction of the cost you need for hardwood. However, they are not completely resistant to water damage, standing water puddles or water seeping into the underlayment through the seams can cause them to buckle.

On the positive side, the vinyl and laminate flooring are available in different textures and designs ranging from wood, stone, tiles and many other materials. This gives you the scope to try out an extensive range of textures for the home.

Laminate Vinyl Flooring

  1. Engineered hardwood

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is composed of several layers of plyboard and wood veneers which are glued together strongly and treated so that it is scratch and water resistant. The structural design and process of making engineered hardwood make them an ideal choice for lake houses. Moreover, engineered hardwood mimics the surface texture of wood very closely, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of hardwood at a more affordable price.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is a tough natural flooring material which has natural water and insect resistant properties. Bamboo flooring has seen growing popularity due to these criteria and the style and look it imparts to the house. Like hardwood, bamboo can be refinished and is extremely durable. It is an offbeat choice for the lake house when you consider the style, but the utility it provides with minimum maintenance, make it an attractive choice.

bamboo flooring in Toronto

Now that you know the qualities to look for in a lake house flooring material, you can easily shop for it. The above mentioned are some of the best flooring materials that can meet the requirements of the lake house. If you are looking for flooring stores in Toronto to find the right material for your lake house, Amazon Hardwood Center has several experts who can guide you and suggest the best product in store that adheres to your needs.

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