7 Amazing Brands for Hardwood Flooring in Brampton

Does your home need a new floor? Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and comfortable option. Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s also very durable and lasts even longer with timely refinishing. Hardwood floors also give your home a sense of luxury and add to its resale value.

The trick is to buy the right hardwood flooring at the best quality you can afford. To that end let’s look at seven brands you can rely on for top-quality hardwood flooring in Brampton.

Hardwood Flooring Brands

Top Hardwood Flooring Brands to Consider for Your Home

Finding the perfect hardwood flooring for your home isn’t easy given the number of Canadian and international brands available. Here are some of the best to consider.

1. Wickham Hardwood Flooring

Global brand Wickham has been manufacturing top-quality and extremely stylish hardwood flooring for over 30 years. Using state-of-the-art technology, they have four unique and original collections. Their range is unbeatable and their craft is authentic.

2. Vidar Design Flooring

Vidar Design Flooring offers a wide range of real and engineered hardwood flooring options. For the surface of real hardwood, they use white oak from the United States and source their multi-layer birch plywood from Russia. They manufacture their flooring in a way that makes them more durable and easier to install. If you are looking for something unique in your budget, go for their engineered hardwood flooring with a Bona paint finish.

3. Umbrellar

This brand caters to a wide range of your flooring needs including underlayment, tiles, vinyl, and laminate flooring. They take pride in manufacturing flooring that doesn’t fade, stain, or wear for at least 25 years. Under this brand collection, you will find a wide array of flooring options that not only appeal to your aesthetic taste but your wallet as well.

4. Triforest Inc.

When talking about laminate hardwood flooring in Brampton, consider browsing Triforest’s product range. They specialize in high-quality laminate flooring and related products made from high-density fibre board with an AC3/AC4 rating. The WAX sealed locks and joints provide these floorboards with durability, and multiple coats of varnish add an eye-catching glaze.

5. Superior Hardwood Flooring

The name of this hardwood flooring brand defines its products. Their floors are finished to have a soft, silky, and amazing texture, while their hand-scraped varieties create a vintage feel. Superior solid and engineered hardwood flooring is known for being extremely durable and strikingly resilient. Their enhanced hardwood flooring will upgrade your floor.

6. Canadian Standard

Canadian Standard is known for being the best value-added flooring brand in Canada. You are bound to find its product in most of the best hardwood flooring stores in Brampton. Their high-quality products are paired with innovative ideas and the best designs. That’s how they have earned their reputation as a trusted hardwood flooring brand.

7. Biyork Floors

If you are looking for a tailored option for your unique home, Biyork Flooring is the brand to look at. They have started to roll out antibacterial coating and waterproof features on select varieties of their flooring. The attached undertone pads offer comfort unlike any other hardwood flooring brand. Not a fan of traditional flooring? Take a look at Biyork’s artfully crafted and incredibly versatile engineered hardwood flooring. Their varieties are beautiful, unique, and affordable.

You will find at least a few, if not all, of these brands in the best hardwood flooring stores in Brampton, including Amazon Hardwood. Don’t limit your search. Research as much as you can to find that perfect floor for your perfect home. Contact your flooring store and enquire about these brands to see your best options.