Best Hardwood Floors for Your Pets in Brampton

Is your dog or cat hard on your floors? Have you been Googling ‘best Brampton hardwood flooring for pets’ recently? We all love our animals, but they can do some serious damage to our flooring.

That’s why pet owners are choosing hardwood floors, as they provide a better surface for animal-friendly homes than carpet. Allergens like dust, mould, and animal dander which get buried in carpet are easily swept away on a hardwood floor. It’s also easier to clean hardwood floors, whereas removing stains and odours from carpets can be difficult.

So, here we discuss what factors to consider so you can enjoy your beautiful hardwood floors and spend quality time with your pets.

Key Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring for Dogs

Are you looking for the best wood floor installation service near Brampton? Amazon Hardwood can help you find and install the right flooring for your home – keeping your pets in mind. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the most important factors to consider before hitting that “Buy Now” button.


Pick a Strong and Durable Hardwood: When choosing hardwood flooring to accommodate your pets, select a wood species that can protect your floor from potential scratches and damage. Each species has a different hardness. For example, pine, cherry, and red oak are soft compared to hickory, which is hard and durable. Harder, denser woods are ideal against heavy traffic.

Hickory, hard maple and white oak are all excellent options as they are less likely to dent or scratch. That means you don’t have to worry as much about concealing scratches or refinishing your floors regularly.

You can use the Janka hardness scale (an industry-standard scale standardized by the American Society for Testing and Materials) to measure the hardness of different types of wood. Go for a wood with a high Janka score, like white oak or hickory. The harder the wood, the better it will stand up to scratches, dings, and dents from your pup’s paws.


Choose a Strong Grain: No matter how strong your flooring, accidents can happen. For example, your dog’s untrimmed nails can leave deep scratches. You want flooring that can camouflage the damage which would otherwise be prominent on a completely smooth floor. But hardwoods with strong, beautiful grain patterns can hide scratches more easily. Red oak and hickory feature prominent grains that can effectively camouflage small blemishes.

In terms of texture, distressed surface textures like wire brushing or scraping can camouflage scratches well. They will also give your home a natural, vintage appearance that hides minor imperfections.


Consider a Scratch-Resistant Finish: Most pet damage occurs on your floor’s finish layer. So, choose a scratch-resistant finish that can protect your floor from your pet’s pesky paws. Glossy finishes may look appealing, but they reflect more light and make it easier to spot imperfections.

One of the best finishes for hardwood floors in terms of dogs is UV urethane with an additive like aluminum oxide. The result is a highly scratch-resistant surface. But too much aluminum oxide can make the floor look cloudy or plastic-looking.

You can also apply a low-sheen matte finish or lower-gloss finishes to hide scratches and pet hair. These make your floors look more beautiful for longer.


We hope we’ve given you some clarity on finding the best hardwood flooring for pets. We are confident that our wide range of Brampton hardwood flooring can stand up to your fur baby’s worst. So, if you are ready to make further progress on the wood floor installation process, contact us here or visit an Amazon Hardwood location near you.