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How to Choose the Best Finish for Your Hardwood Flooring

There is no better way to bring your dining or living room floors alive than with classic hardwood. And when it comes to wooden floors, the type of finish you choose can make a huge impact on its appearance and longevity. But no matter which type of hardwood you have installed in your home, whether it is traditional oak or exotic Brazilian walnut, you need to choose the proper finish. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of surface finishes available to protect hardwood floors and enhance your flooring’s Read more [...]

How to Remove the Scratches on Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is known to add elegance, warmth, beauty and value to your home if you keep them well-maintained. But even when you are taking good care of them, accidental scratches, and wear and tear still happens. You might be wondering, “can I get scratch-resistant hardwood flooring in stores near me?” This is probably the reason that oil finished wood floors are rising in popularity on the hardwood flooring trends for 2019, as the scratches on them are easier to fix. However, if your pre-existing Read more [...]

How to Choose the Right Sheen for Your Hardwood Floor

  Hardwood flooring is an investment that adds value, durability, and elegance to your home. That is why you need to pay close attention to every detail, including the colour, texture and feel of the finished flooring. The term sheen, also called lustre or gloss, is used to describe the light- reflecting property of a particular surface and has a huge impact on how the finished space will look. But more often than not, people do not understand its importance. Here we will explain the Read more [...]

5 Most Popular Surface Textures for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has always been the top flooring choice among Canadian homeowners for its many advantages and timeless appeal. It is available in different species and surface textures, giving you ample options to choose from. The following are some of the most popular surface textures that you can consider for your home. Your choice of texture can influence the overlook décor, so it’s a good idea to know about some of the popular ones. Read more [...]

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Transform a Hardwood Bedroom

Being the most intimate space of a home, bedrooms deserve much thought and planning when being decorated so that it transforms into a space that’s welcoming. Hence, the furniture, flooring and accessories all must be considered as a whole while designing the interior. The warmth and classic beauty of hardwood make it an ideal choice for almost every room in the house. Particularly in the bedroom, its warm texture imparts a soothing ambience when complemented with the right décor and lighting.Being Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Distressed Hardwood Flooring

There are different types of hardwood flooring based on the wood species, plank-type, finish, stains, and textures. The choices are varied, and many homeowners often have a hard time choosing the right one. Your lifestyle and the requirements you have influences the decision. Distressed and hand scraped hardwood is a trending option because of the rustic appeal and character it has. This post shares the basics of how distressed looks, is created and the benefits of choosing this texture for your Read more [...]

10 Awesome Hardwood Flooring Hacks That Will Make Life Easy

Let’s say it has been a while since you installed the hardwood flooring at home and over the time it has developed some wear and tear in places. The minor scratches and dents do not call for refinishing but make your floor look unsightly and the lustre of the newly installed floor is somewhat lost. Regular maintenance can minimize such wear and tear to a large extent but not eradicate the problem entirely. This post compiles some useful hacks which will help you to get rid of any unsightly scratches Read more [...]

4 Best Flooring Types to Design a Luxurious Lake House

A vacation home or lake house is a place to relax and enjoy the summer warmth. However, you likely don’t want to spend that time maintaining the house every time you visit. This calls for a sustainable choice of flooring. Unlike your regular home, a lake home is subjected to huge amounts of moisture and humidity due to its proximity to the lake. This must be taken into consideration. The flooring is a vital part of the house and should be chosen carefully. In this post, we are going to list Read more [...]

9 Reasons Why Hickory Hardwood Flooring Is Gaining Popularity

A native hardwood species of North America, hickory has a distinctive look that can complement your home perfectly. Hardwood is the ultimate choice of many Canadian households when they are looking for a long-term investment that will last for generations. Choosing the species of hardwood must be done after much deliberation so that you won’t have buyer’s remorse. There’s recently been a growing popularity of hickory flooring. Your friends at Amazon Hardwood Center have outlined the reasons Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Teak Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is considered a classic choice and one of the best flooring materials for its incredible durability and beauty. There are various different species of hardwood available where each species has their own unique characteristics. Teak, mahogany and similar hardwood that are imported from other countries are called exotics. They are not only very beautiful but also are among the most durable hardwood species. Though it is expensive compared to the other options available for domestic Read more [...]
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