9 Distressed Hardwood Flooring Design Ideas

Hardwood flooring is known for its beauty, warmth, and character. As it ages, it develops a highly desirable lustrous finishcalled a patina, along with a wear pattern unique to its environment. This adds more interest and depth to your room.

But you don’t have to wait centuries to achieve that look, even if you could! Distressed hardwood flooring can give your home that worn and antique appearance immediately. This style of flooring delivers character and charm, with a finish strong enough to hold up against a busy modern lifestyle.

Distressed hardwood floors come in many styles and textures, so you can always find something to complete the look you want. Here are some ideas to add an antique look to your interiors.

Design Ideas for Distressed Hardwood Flooring

1. A Little Variation of Depth and Warmth

If you want to add depth and warmth to a room, mix woods with similar depths and warmth, like red oak and mahogany. Their individual grains, tones, and textures will suit your interior perfectly. You can use the different shades as the jumping off point in your flooring design.

To create a subtle, deep, and warm effect, pick woods of similar colours. For a dramatic contrastthat pops, select hardwoods that are complete opposites.


2. A Consistent Look

If you don’t want to mix species and prefer a consistent look, reclaimed oak flooring is your best option. Its subtle blue-grey undertone and amber surface offer many decor options, and its distressed look adds ample character to the floor. The unique wear marks added to the floor’s uniform colour give ita unique look.

3. Something With a Little History

Antique, distressed, and reclaimed woods come from many places and times. Reclaimed barn wood, for instance, often predates the 1930s; that means they are already a century old and will have the wear and character from their old life while still having many years left in them. Their patina, their saw marks, and wear show their history. Thevariation of colour in them is the result of the way they have weathered. Any aged reclaimed hardwood floor will add a natural look and story to your home.

4. The Rustic Look

Some reclaimed woods have a more distressed and rustic look than others; this gives them more character and wear marks. Indeed, the more distressed and rustic the hardwood, the cozier your room will look.

Reclaimed hickory and oak especially offer a warm rustic look. There are many pros and cons of distressed hardwood flooring, but its look is unmatched and amazing.

5. Different Widths

Along with variations in wear and colours, mixed antique hardwood flooring planks also come in varied widths. These add interest and drama to the floor, and give the appearance of a striped floor to better highlight distressed areas.

6. The Wide Look

Wide planks of antique heart pinecome to mind when many of us think of old or antique wood floors. Reclaimed floorboards of pine and the like have the rustic charm we imagine when we think of distressed hardwood flooring. Indeed, the unique look of heart pine is instantly recognizable. Using wide reclaimed heart pine planks for flooring brings its original patina and wear marks to your floor to naturally emphasize its distressed look. If you have a small room, wide-planked distressed floors make the space feel larger.


7. Mixed Tones

Not all distressed hardwood floors have a dark patina. Some, like reclaimed elm, show off lighter tones as well. Light-coloured distressed floors are better suited to modern homes as the light colour spotlight the home’s other features. The subtly blended colours and patterns highlight the interior while the darker areas accentuate the walls.

8. Distressed Oak Look

‘Distressed’ wood is not uniformly distressed. Distressed oak can have a pronounced grain and glossy sheen that reflects light along with perfectly showing off its colour and texture. If you want the grains to be displayed, go for broader boards and you will have a floor that looks worn but loved. Wide distressed oak floor plankscreate beautiful flooring whose surface will last for many more years.

9. Mix & Match

Combining distressed hardwood floors adds a lot of colour to your room. Mixed and match flooring features many different tones of matching colours. This will add enough variety to the room to prevent it looking bland. Your furniture will pick up the floor’s middle tone while the lights and darks on each end of the spectrum will add depth and dynamic interest.

There are many stores for hardwood flooring in Toronto where you will find options for mixing and matching distressed floors.

Distressed hardwood flooring is a good choice for creating a rustic look or industrial vibe, and for adding some character to your home. They can be used for a century and still get better with age. Distressed floors instantly add charm and warmth. You can use a single hardwood species, a mix, or create a customized distressed floor. Whatever you choose, always work with a reliable hardwood flooring store in Toronto for your floor to last.