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    We Make Sure to Provide Only High-Performance Engineered Hardwood Flooring to Our Consumers.

    Consider these factors for choosing the best quality engineered hardwood flooring.

    • Construction and Manufacturing- Engineered hardwood flooring has a top thin layer of wood called the veneer, and multiple layers of backing, called the core. Make sure that the overall thickness of the product is either 5/8” or 3/4 “, with the veneer being 3/16” thick and the core consisting of 9 or 11 plies. Also, make sure that the core is always thicker than the veneer layer.
    • Dimensions- Most engineered wood flooring tends to be 3” wide, and 3’ long. That means, for a 20X20 room, 535 boards would be enough. There are many options in dimension when it comes to buying engineered hardwood floors, for example, all 6” wide, 8” wide, 10” wide, and 6-10” wide. Depending on the look you want to achieve, however, it is advisable to choose longer lengths along with wider widths.
    • Aesthetic Appearance- There are two ways to make the veneer layer of an engineered hardwood floor-1. Using a dry sawn face, cut with a saw blade2. Using a sliced and rotary peeled face, cut with a knife blade

      While the first method is similar to slicing a piece of bread, the later one is similar to peeling a potato. You can achieve an exact look of a solid floor with the dry sawn face method. The sliced and rotary peeled material, however, is going to give a thinner veneer layer that is similar to plywood.

    • Environmental Concern- Whenever you are choosing a flooring type, whether for a commercial or residential facility, your main concern should be how it affects the indoor air quality. It is advisable to choose a flooring that is CARB2 compliant, which will ensure a reduced amount of formaldehyde in your composite wood product.

    We offer the widest variety in engineered wood flooring, and our experts will guide you in getting the best one for the high-traffic areas of your home.

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    We Ensure That the Right Procedure Is Followed to Install the Correct Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    The dimension and the way the veneer layer is produced has a lot to do with the way your finished floor will appear. Due to the way it is constructed, engineered flooring can be installed pretty quickly.

    Usually, there are four main ways to install engineered wood flooring:

    • Glue Down- The method is self-explanatory. You need to attach a new flooring to the subfloor with the help of some type of adhesive or bonding agent.
    • Staple Down- This installation method is quite similar to the glue-down method and spacers are laid around the perimeter of your room, for maintaining the expansion gap that is recommended by the manufacturer of your product.
    • Nail Down- Although mostly applicable for solid hardwood flooring, it can be applied to install engineered hardwood flooring as well. In this method, the flooring is attached to the subfloor using nails.
    • Floating- This will require some expertise in the field of flooring, and instead of nailing or gluing the flooring to the subfloor, the plank pieces are glued or click-locked to each other. This creates a single panel which is held by the friction and weight of the piece itself.

    For an extremely durable alternative to solid wood flooring, that is not only resistant to moisture, but also is able to withstand high-foot traffic, opt for the best quality engineering hardwood flooring products in Toronto.

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    We have the biggest collection of durable and stylish engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto.

    Since 1999, we have remained a thriving member of the flooring industry thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of our customer’s needs. Starting off from a 25,000 sq. ft warehouse, we now have a 2-million sq. ft inventory, which helps us store the largest collection of engineered flooring in the entire GTA.

    When you choose us, you are partnering with the best name in the industry for providing top flooring products from the most reputed brands in Canada.


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