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    Here is a list of the different flooring types to help you understand which flooring is the most suitable for different parts of your home:

    • Hardwood Installation- The most widely used flooring type of them all, it is most suitable for the living rooms and dining room areas. Known for its durability, this flooring type adds a great amount of resale value to your home. The different wood species are chosen based on the Janka hardness rating, and finish to provide the best solution for your rooms.
    • Laminate Installation- As a low-cost alternative to hardwood, this flooring type is perfect for the high-traffic areas of your home, but not so much for the high-moisture areas. The easy installation and a wood-like appearance is the reason behind the rising popularity of this type of flooring installation in Toronto. They are classified by abrasion class rating (AC rating) and come with a variety of finishes.
    • Vinyl Installation- Due to its highly water-resistant quality, vinyl installation is perfect for the wet areas of your home, like the bathroom and kitchen. For the high foot-traffic areas, this is one of the best flooring options. Vinyl is growing in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility.
    • Engineered Hardwood Installation- This is perfect for those particular areas of your home that have a comparatively higher level of humidity. The more stable aspect of this type of flooring makes them a favourite for summer homes. You can get engineered hardwood installed over concrete as well, for example in condos. It is a perfect addition to the high traffic areas like the kitchen.

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    Flooring Is Only as Good as its Installation Every flooring type is different in terms of features, and therefore, each type requires a particular method of installation. The various methods we use for different flooring types are explained below.


    This type of installation procedure grants your flooring the scope for expansion and contraction to adjust easily to the changes in humidity. While this method is not applicable for solid hardwood flooring, laminate, engineered hardwood, and luxury vinyl floors are.


    This type of installation is applicable for thicker hardwood and tongue-and-groove engineered wood flooring, but not for laminate flooring. When installed with the manufacturer recommended adhesives, this is one of the most stable methods of installation there is.

    Staple-Down & Nail-Down

    Solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring are installed with these methods. The flooring is attached to the subfloor using wood flooring nailer and mallet in a typical nail down procedure. In the staple down method, staples are used instead of nails, and they are driven through the flooring with a pneumatic gun.


    For glue-less installation, this is the best method. Click-together flooring makes the installation of flooring much smoother and quicker. This is perfect for luxury vinyl and engineered wood flooring installation. Laminate floorboards can be attached using a rotate and click process as well.

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