Hardwood Flooring Companies in Canada (How to Choose the Best)

When it comes to remodelling your home flooring, you should only pick the highest-quality hardwood flooring in Canada.

That infers the need to work with the best hardwood flooring company in Canada.

But how do you make that choice?

From the best product quality and understanding their customer’s needs to extensive product knowledge, the hardwood flooring company you choose should have all these characteristics.

In this guide, you will get a clear idea of why Amazon Hardwood is one of the best hardwood flooring companies in Canada and why you should choose us for your next flooring-related purchase.

What Makes Amazon Hardwood Canada’s Best Hardwood Flooring Company?

If you are just beginning your search for an experienced hardwood flooring company, read this post to learn why you should trust Amazon Hardwood.

1. Honesty & Dependability

Honesty & Dependability

We know that remodelling your home is a big task that requires cooperation between all your building partners. That’s why Amazon Hardwood always maintains 100% honesty and transparency in what we promise and what we deliver. Our aim is total customer satisfaction. You can freely share their flooring-related challenges and we will offer a creative and dependable solution. We never make promises we can’t fulfil.

Clear communication, honesty, work ethic, and fair treatment are our core values. For example, demand for hardwood flooring rises in fall and spring. That’s when many companies sell out lower-quality and lower-priced older stock. But we always deliver the type and quality of flooring our customers require.

We also have a team of hardwood professionals ready to help you whenever you need them, be it for a new installation or to repair old flooring.

2. Supply Capabilities

You should always work with a hardwood flooring company with access to high-quality products. When you connect with Amazon Hardwood, you know that you have chosen a company with access to Canada’s biggest hardwood flooring suppliers. This allows you to enjoy more hardwood flooring inventory and product choices so you never have to worry about supplies running out or being diverted elsewhere.

We offer our customers a winning combination of the latest flooring products at a 31% discount over what you will find elsewhere. We carry top hardwood flooring suppliers, including:

  • Wickham Hardwood Flooring
  • Vidar Design Flooring
  • Umbrellar
  • Triforest Inc.
  • Superior Hardwood Flooring
  • Canadian Standard
  • Biyork Floors

When you work with Amazon Hardwood you don’t have to stress as you’ve given the job to the right company.

3. Product Quality

Product Quality

Another great characteristic of a great hardwood flooring company is that its product quality speaks for itself. That’s a philosophy we live by every day.

Here, you will get the best hardwood flooring products graded according to industry standards. Whether you are remodelling your home’s flooring or your office, you will get the best AC-rated hardwood flooring to match your needs.

Some of the hardwood species you can get from our showroom are:

  • Hickory
  • Ash
  • Deerwood
  • Red oak
  • Kingsbury
  • Maple
  • Ebony
  • White oak
  • American walnut
  • Tigerwood

We have a wide range of hardwood collections in different species to complement your decor. All our hardwood has a low VOC rating, so off-gassing is never a problem, making our flooring a beautiful and eco-friendly option.

4. Knowledge & Understanding

We have been in the hardwood flooring industry for more than two decades. In that time we have become experts in how hardwood flooring functions, so we always recommend the type that best suits your needs. Take a look at our basic guide to hardwood flooring to better understand what might suit your next renovation.

5. Pricing

Finally, pricing plays a big role in the hardwood flooring you choose. Many hardwood flooring companies claim to sell the best products and they charge the highest prices.

But how do they justify their high costs?

Amazon Hardwood never compromises on quality. To keep our prices affordable, we work with some of the biggest hardwood flooring suppliers in Canada. That way we can take advantage of great opportunities and negotiate the best deals, which we pass on to you as incredible savings.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a hardwood flooring company. Consider a company that genuinely understands your needs. Amazon Hardwood has been one of Canada’s most trusted hardwood flooring stores since 1999. We are respected by our customers because of our friendly customer service. To contact us, call 905-940-2900. Or if you want to learn more about our ongoing flooring sales, click here.