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    Choosing The Best
    Hardwood For Your HomeA Variety of Natural Wood Species and Finish Options to Choose From

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    Every Hardwood Flooring Product Goes Through Our Quality-Check Process

    Here are the factors we consider, when choosing the best hardwood species for your home:

    • Wood Species- There are many species of wood like cherry, walnut, ash, hickory, maple, oak etc. Each has its own distinct characteristics.
    • Janka Hardness Ranking- The hardness quotient varies for different wood species. Use the Janka test to understand the hardness of your wood flooring.
    • Finish- From oil penetrated finishing to polyurethane, each finish has its own distinct features and benefits. The unique stains and finishes give different characteristics to wood species and have a major impact on the appearance of your floor. It makes them suitable for different types of home décor, whether modern, rustic, classic or something else.
    • Maintenance- It is important to choose a wood species that is easy to maintain in regards to your lifestyle. Picking a beautiful floor won’t amount to much if you don’t have the time to meet its maintenance needs for example.

    Hardwood flooring installation is a lifetime investment that will last for generations to come. For the best quality hardwood flooring and/or installation in Toronto, consult our experts.

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    Installation Methods
    You Need To Know AboutChoose The Right Type Of Flooring


    We Install the Right Type of Hardwood Flooring Using the Most Suitable Method

    The flooring installation procedure and the floorboard structure depend a lot on the type of wood you choose. Not only that but the method and skill required to implement the flooring impacts the final cost too.

    Below are the popular methods of installation:

    • Nail Down- The floor planks are attached to the plywood subfloor using 2” nailing cleats, for maximum durability.
    • Staple Down- A modified pneumatic nailing gun is used for stapling an engineered or hardwood flooring to the subfloor.
    • Glue Down- An alternative installation method for tongue-and-groove engineered wood and thicker solid wood flooring, using manufacturer recommended adhesive.
    • Floating- Engineered wood planks are glued together instead of being fastened to the subfloor, and an underlayment pad is placed between them.

    Classic hardwood flooring is well-known for its beauty and durability that makes it an investment-worthy product. When looking for services regarding flooring installation in Toronto, you can count on our expertise.

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    We provide the latest branded flooring products at competitive prices.

    We have been a thriving member of the flooring industry since 1999. Our entrepreneurial spirit and desire to please our clients drive our success. With an inventory spread across an area of 2-million sq. ft., we are able to provide a large collection of branded flooring products to choose from.

    The strong foundation that we have built over nearly two decades makes us the forerunner in the flooring industry.


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