How to Pick the Best Hardwood Flooring Installer

Hardwood flooring brings style and comfort to your home. But selecting a hardwood floor is one thing; getting it installed and finished is another.

It can cost you a fortune to fix if your hardwood floor is installed incorrectly. And that is why it is important to hire the right company. Here are tips from a hardwood flooring installation company in Markham and Toronto, Ontario, to help you make your choice.

What to Look for in a Hardwood Installer

There are certain questions you should ask before getting your hardwood floor installed, like where you want to install it and if can you do it yourself. Hardwood flooring is not an easy DIY project, so you’re best off hiring professional installers. Here’s what to look for.

1. Experience

We emphasize the experience of flooring installation companies. Different flooring requires different installation techniques. Even different hardwood floors vary when it comes to installation.

The installer you pick should have the knowledge and expertise to address all issues and hiccups they might encounter. This will keep the installation on track and your budget under control. Also, with experience comes immaculate and high-quality workmanship.

2. Customer Service

You will likely not be personally familiar with the workers. Also, they may not be capable of answering your queries or addressing the issues you are facing. You will need to have someone from the company available to answer your questions. This is where customer service comes in. So, make sure the flooring company you have hired has excellent customer service. You should be able to judge this through online reviews and their customer feedback.

3. Quality Products

There are many products that are utilized in installation, including underlayment, nails, floor mouldings, and adhesive. If all the materials are not high quality, your floor will not last long, even if your flooring is top notch.

Also, if you are going for oil finishing, or water-based finishing, they should have the best quality products for that as well.


How to Find a Good Toronto Hardwood Installation Company

1. Store Contact

Hardwood flooring stores usually have a list of preferred installers, if they don’t do it themselves. They may be unaffiliated with the store but you can be sure that they will only promote good installers for the benefit of their image.

2. Referrals

If your neighbours, relatives or friends have recently had woodwork done, ask to take a look at it. If you like it, ask for a referral.

3. Internet Listings

Search online for the best company for local flooring installation in Markham or elsewhere. Check reviews on their website and especially business review websites. Also, you can see what their customers have to say for their workmanship and the products they have used to decide if they are the installer for you.


How the Hardwood Flooring Installation Process Works

Hardwood Flooring Installation Process Works

Hardwood installation takes place in four phases. Here’s what to expect in each.

1. First Phase

When you contact a company for flooring installation, the first thing they do is send an employee to measure your floor to get a size estimate. Don’t worry if their estimate exceeds yours. This is likely because they add 10% for waste associated with wood cutting.

2. Second Phase

After the size estimation comes the price estimate. The company may give you a cost estimate right then or by email or letter later that day. Try to get estimates from at least three to four companies for comparison. Also, consider these important details:

  • Will the installers move the furniture?
  • Will they cut the floorboards outside?
  • Will they cover the room with plastic?
  • How will they handle the baseboards?

3. Third Phase

Next comes flooring delivery and acclimation. This process happens at least three days before installation. In acclimation, the hardwood floorboards are left to reach equilibrium with the climate of your home. A dry climate takes longer. This is an important phase and should never be skipped.

4. Fourth Phase

The installers arrive and set up their workstation either outside or in the garage. They will inspect the subfloor and, if it is in good condition, they can start the installation right away. If not, they will prep the subfloor. For hardwood flooring, the subfloor should be at least ⅝” thick plywood, especially if it is a rare hardwood flooring like teak or Brazilian walnut. Since solid hardwood flooring needs nailing down, having a solid subfloor is important.

Once you have selected the installer, make sure the contract is written clearly, with explicit details determined before you sign it. The estimated price should be clearly mentioned, along with time duration and the specific type of hardwood being installed. If they are removing the old flooring, or installing new subflooring or insulation padding, et cetera, it should be mentioned as well. This will reduce chances of dispute.