Here are Some Tips to Protect Your Sensitive Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a valuable feature that adds beauty to a home. It’s a highly desired flooring option for any buyer. Hardwood can last for many years as it can be renewed with light sanding and refinishing. However, it’s impossible to maintain its beauty for years on end without a little help. Hardwood flooring is prone to wear, so care must be taken. Here are a few ways in which your floor may be getting ruined without you realising it.

Protect your sensitive hardwood floors

  1. Never use steam mops on your hardwood floor

Using water in any form on hardwood floor must be avoided as much as possible. In the case of steam, the high heat from it can break down the protective layer over time, causing permanent damage to the flooring.

  1. Never use harsh chemicals to clean hardwood flooring

Chemicals like ammonia, dish washing soap, vinegar, orany type of powdered cleaning material must be avoided at all costs. It will cause permanent damage to the floor which is irreparable. Substances such as oil, soap, wax or any form of silicone based products be cleared off.

  1. If you have pets, regularly trim their nails

Your pet’s nails must be trimmed at regular intervals. If it gets too long, it’s bound to scratch the surface and destroy the finish of the hardwood. Some of this can also be permanent. It’s best to either hire a groomer to do the job or do it yourself.

  1. Pet stains must not remain untreated

Being a pet owner, youknow your pets arebound to have accidents every now and then. However, accidents must be addressed promptly. Leaving the urine sitting on the floor, even for a short while can cause serious damage. It can cause discolouration of the accidentarea, and the smell is almost impossible to get rid of. If the accident happens on a throw or a rug, itmust be cleaned and dried before being placed back on the floor.

  1. Shoes and high heels mustn’t be worn on wood floors

High heels cause the floor to dent inwards. Shoes often accumulate dirt and dust which can remain ingrained even after being cleaned on a rug. The particles can easily scratch the floor. The best thing to do is to leavethe shoes at the door to make sure the floor’s always in good shape.

  1. Never pour any cleaning product directly over the floor

Cleaning products have the same effect on hardwood floors as water does which means it’s equally as bad. It could be tempting to create a puddle of the product and spread it liberally all over the floor, but it’s best to avoid this action.These products can get absorbed into the wood fibre and cause swelling which leaves the wood looking uneven.

Treating hardwood flooring with great care will be worth your time. Along with having something fine-lookingto show for it, it’ll also prevent damage from ruining the look of your home. By addressing the issues right away, permanent damage can be avoided with just a little effort.

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