Why Is Laminate Flooring So Popular? (10 Interesting Facts)

Laminate has become a popular flooring material.


For starters, it’s comfortable, durable and easy to install. It also suits every type of space and gives your decor some stylish visual appeal.

The best thing about laminate, though, is that it can mimic the look of natural wood and stones, including hardwood, marble and concrete. Simply put, you get the look of exotic flooring for less.

However, there are lesser known aspects of laminate flooring. Here are 10 interesting facts about this affordable flooring material.

10 Quick Facts about Laminate Flooring

Planning to install laminate flooring at home or in your office? Here are some quick facts that you may find interesting.

1) It’s Eco-Friendly

Some people think that hardwood flooring is eco-friendly and laminate isn’t. The fact is that laminate planks are composed of high-density fibreboard which is itself composed of pressure-formed wood chips. These wood chips can be sourced from any part of the tree, unlike hardwood, so you don’t need to cut down the entire tree for your flooring material.

Eco-friendly nature of Laminate Flooring

2) It Can Be Installed on Top of Any Floor

Laminate is a versatile flooring material because it can be installed over top of any other flooring.

Since it is a floating floor, it can be installed without nails or glue which can damage the bottom floor.

You also don’t need to remove your existing floor to install laminate, thus saving you time and money. It is easy to cut as well as no fancy tools are needed.

It Can Be Installed on Top of Any Floor

3) The Design Is Made by a Printer

The top layer of laminate planks is printed by an HD printer to mimic the look of materials like genuine hardwood, tile, stone or marble. This high-resolution photographic image is then covered with coats of aluminum oxide to make it scratch- and dent-resistant.

The Design Is Made by a Printer

4) It Doesn’t Trap Allergens

Are you allergic to pollen, dander, dust mites or mould? If so, laminate flooring is best as it neither traps allergens nor provides a breeding ground for them to grow.

5) It Can Be Installed Quickly

Available in a tongue-and-groove system, laminate can be installed faster than other flooring materials because the planks are joined in an interlocking manner to give them stability. This means you can lay down hundreds of square feet in a single weekend.

6) It’s Affordable, No Matter the Style

Laminate flooring is available in a wide range of designs, styles, textures and colours. It’s also affordable as its price doesn’t fluctuate much compared to other flooring materials. This is because each type of laminate plank is made in almost the same manner.

7) It’s More Durable Than Hardwood

Since laminate flooring is made from pressed wood, it can resist scratches, moisture, and wear and tear. By contrast, hardwood is susceptible to scratching and damage from excessive moisture.

8) It’s Not the Same as Parquet

Don’t confuse parquet and laminate flooring. Laminate is made by fusing multiple layers of synthetic materials through a lamination process; parquet is made of real wood fixed together in geometric patterns for a decorative effect. While parquet is more sustainable and attractive than laminate, it’s more expensive as well. And with parquet, DIY is not an option.

9) It’s Easy to Maintain and Clean

You don’t have to wax or refinish laminate flooring to keep it in good shape. Just sweep or vacuum it regularly to keep dirt and dust at bay. Also, use a damp cloth to blot up spills as they happen.

Contrary to popular belief, laminate floors can be spot treated. Nor do you need to replace the planks to clean tough stains such as paint, marker, ink or oil. Instead, you can easily clean these with acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth.

10) It Is Not the Same as Vinyl

Luxury vinyl and laminate flooring look similar but have distinct features.

Vinyl is made from 100% plastic; laminate has an inner core made from melamine resin and fibreboard and a top layer composed of a photographic image to simulate real wood or natural stone.

Laminate is comfortable underfoot; vinyl isn’t, but it does last longer. That said, vinyl flooring is a better option for basements, laundry rooms and bathrooms, while laminate is great for high traffic areas and houses with pets and/or children.

Laminate is an interesting flooring material with many benefits. It perfectly combines durability, cost, versatility, comfort and visual appeal. It’s also easy to install and hypoallergenic. So, if you’re looking to renew your floors, laminate flooring is worth a try. Browse our collection of laminate flooring to choose from a wide range of colours and designs. The perfect one for your home or business awaits. Contact us at 905-940-2900 to request a quote.

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