Perfect Flooring Options to Go for When You Have Dogs at Home

Even though dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend, they can be a home worst enemy. Along with the occasional ‘accident’, their nails scratch the surface of your floors and track in dirt, causing damage, especially if you have carpets and rugs installed. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re either renovating or building a home and you have a companion who’s bound to make a mess on the floor, this is the right post for you. We’ve provided you with a list of some pet-friendly flooring options for your home that can handle anything.


Vinyl is among the top most recommendations for homes with dogs. It’s a low-maintenance and affordable option for homeowners, providing numerous benefits. One of the biggest worries that all dog owners have is their pet’s nails scratching the floor. Since vinyl is scratch resistant, it can resist damage, even if you have a dog with long nails.

Vinyl is also popular for being stain resistant. So, if you’re worried about your dog urinating in your home, or even about spills from the dog’s food or water bowl, vinyl is the best option for you. However, these spills should be cleaned up immediately as failing to do so can result in mold and mildew. It’s also a great choice for your dog’s safety and comfort. It’s comfortable for them to lie and walk on. The significant level of traction (or tractive force) provided by the flooring prevents the dogs from slipping and hurting themselves.


There’s quite a bit of debate regarding how bamboo performs as a flooring option when you have one or more dogs. Though bamboo flooring is quite hard, making it an ideal option for heavy and large dogs, it doesn’t do well resisting scratches. Many homeowners complain that after just a year or so that the flooring is full of dents and scratches. Sizeable pets make things even worse.

Bamboo has great features including ease of cleaning and resistance to staining. The flooring comes in handy when you have dogs that may have accidents indoors on a regular basis. Urine can leave a stain behind and ruin a part of the flooring permanently. However, since bamboo is easy to clean, there’s a decreased chance of stains.


Laminate is another popular flooring option for pet owners and most homeowners are pleased with its ability to resist scratches. Laminate flooring is specifically designed to imitate the look of natural wood flooring or that of natural stone flooring. Made of wood dust, laminate can provide the benefits of natural wood flooring without any added downsides.

It’s an easy to clean flooring and doesn’t stain easily. If your dog isn’t housebroken, laminate is a good option for your home. However, frequent spills in the same area should be avoided as the urine or water can seep into the spaces between the planks and cause some damage.

You can keep your pet and yourself happy by choosing the right kind of flooring to be installed in your home. If you have a budget to follow, consider laminate or vinyl. Whichever flooring you choose to move ahead with, just remember to think about both yourself and your pet.

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