How to Plan the Best Colour Scheme for Grey Hardwood Floors

If you are one of those homeowners who seeks inspiration from picture-perfect homes on Pinterest and Instagram, you may have noticed a recurring trend: the most popular interior designs these days incorporate greyish floors. It may be grey beige or flat grey or somewhat on the darker side, but grey has been a dominant trend in hardwood for a while now, and it does not look to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Getting trendy hardwood flooring for your home is not difficult; you choose the right species and hire the best installation contractors. But how do you keep this striking type of flooring as the central focus of your overall interior décor?

Tips to Plan Interiors When You Have Grey Hardwood Floors

Grey can be a tricky colour to work with, depending on the theme and style of interior design you are trying to create. The following are some tried and tested ways to coordinate your décor with a grey floor to make your home stand out:

  • Modern Accent Furniture

Grey hardwood has a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements and enhances ultra-modern vibes. Grey being a neutral colour, it works well with pastels, as well as dark but muted tones, like purple, moss green, chocolate brown and royal blue. Choose furniture sets with upholstery that has similar shades. A minimalist modern design will never go wrong against a grey floor.

  • Pastel and Muted Walls

The colour of your walls is the backdrop for your interior décor and should coordinate with the flooring to give you the perfect canvas for your furniture and accessories. Lighter wall colours will make your room appear brighter and coordinate with the interior better. If you prefer a darker and bolder wall, stick to neutrals like browns or greyish blues. It is best to avoid bright colours that stand out too much as they can overshadow your floor and make it a challenge to find the right furniture to complement it.

  • Floor Texture

Types of grey hardwood flooring can vary dramatically depending on the tint of the grey and the finish and texture used. The interior design will also vary accordingly. Satin and glossy finishes are just as popular as rustic hand-scraped grey hardwood, although the latter is often considered the most popular style. When you have a matte, rustic and textured hardwood, we recommend traditional antique furniture and accessories with a slightly rugged look. For a smoother, more uniform floor with a satin finish, coordinate with bright shades and modern structures. Being a versatile shade that complements any other colour, grey gives homeowners a lot of scope to experiment with different designs and décors.

  • Balancing with a Pop of Colour

As you can see, grey-coloured hardwood pairs well with neutral tones.  However, having a consistent pop of colour throughout the room can add character. To do so, you could add some brightly coloured throw pillows or a blanket with a bold pattern; this will make the living room brighter. If you want to take it a bit further and are not afraid to experiment a little, add a bold and colourful couch or foot stool. Teal is also very popular right now and pairs well with grey hardwood.

To achieve a balance, try one of these: put a plant in a brightly-coloured pot in the corner of the room, or add a boldly framed mirror.

  • Matching the Cabinetry

If you plan to change the tone of your flooring, you will need to update the colour scheme of your appliances and cabinetry accordingly. White cabinets and stainless-steel appliances, for instance, are perfect additions to a grey hardwood floor. For the living room and even the kitchen, you can include leather chairs. For the bathroom, adding a glass bowl sink is a great way to complement grey-toned flooring.

Tips on Colour Schemes to Complement Grey Hardwood

The greatest advantage to grey hardwood flooring is that you can combine it with practically any other colour. Of course, what colour you choose will depend a lot on the kind of effect you want to achieve.

Here is a basic guideline to better understand the different colour schemes:

  • Adding warm shades will create a soft and intimate ambience, while colder tones produce a formal atmosphere.
  • Softer grey shades look elegant and classy.
  • Introducing vivid colours like red, yellow or orange works best to make a bold statement, especially in a contemporary setting.

Grey hardwood is a versatile choice of flooring that gives you a refreshing break from traditional (and boring) hardwood tones. These species of hardwood are considered the best for staining grey:

  • Oak

This light-coloured hardwood stains easily with almost every colour, including grey.

  • Hickory

Hickory naturally has a slight greyish tinge due to streaks of mineral, making it easy to stain grey.

You can stain any species of light-coloured wood grey provided the species absorb stains well. Trying to stain a dark hardwood grey? It may not look as flattering unless you choose a deep grey tinge.

If you want a contemporary and modern interior, grey hardwood is a wise choice. The seemingly difficult task of designing a home with grey hardwood floors will be less tricky, if you remember considering these factors.

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