Top 4 Commercial Flooring Options for Kids

Choosing flooring for spaces that can accommodate a large number of children on a regular basis comes with several challenges. Young kids jump around, run, push each other, and create spills.

As they aren’t very steady on their feet, children are susceptible to falls and injuries. With the right type of flooring, you can help prevent injuries while providing them comfort. The ideal commercial flooring options for kids should also be easy to clean and sanitize so that you can maintain a healthy environment.

In this blog post, we’ve listed the four best flooring options suitable for commercial places like schools, nurseries, indoor playgrounds, daycare and kids’ entertainment centres.

  1. Natural Linoleum

This is a popular choice for preschools. Linoleum is a natural product that doesn’t emit toxic chemicals or gases over time. This makes it a safe flooring option for kids. There are several other qualities of natural linoleum to consider it for your commercial space. It’s a resilient flooring option that requires only an annual acrylic sealant application to protect it from spills and stains.

Moreover, you can create a soft and safe surface for the kids by installing linoleum over padded underlayment. It’s also hypoallergenic and can serve as a perfect place for nap time.

  1. Vinyl Flooring

Strong vinyl sheet flooring is another great option as it’s durable, easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl is known for its resistance to stains and can be installed over cork or rubber underlayment to create a soft and springy surface. The floor can be easily disinfected by using commercial cleaning solutions. This resilient flooring is suitable for installation in play centres, schools and kindergartens. However, one of the drawbacks of vinyl flooring is that it emits small amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) which may irritate kids who have respiratory issues. Choosing high-quality vinyl minimizes the risks as they emit minimal amounts of VOCs.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has a very refined look and it’s a valuable choice for older kids, that is, teenagers and young adults. Without the softness and the gentle surface of natural linoleum or vinyl flooring, hardwood is best suited for middle and high schools. Hardwood also provides a sense of familiarity and stability which older kids will find comfort in.

Although it’s easy to clean, hardwood can wear down over time. Refinishing it periodically can keep it looking fresh and new.

  1. Cork Flooring

A natural flooring choice, kids will find its soft and bouncy surface fun to play on. Due to its cushioning effect and soft traction, this flooring ensures that kids are safe from accidental falls. Cork also keeps the space warm, quiet and has some fire-resistant properties. Its durability and resistance to the growth of mild, and mildew also make it an excellent choice for commercial spaces for kids.

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