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    Choosing The Best
    vinyl flooring for your homeA Versatile and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Flooring for Your Home

    Vinyl Flooring

    We Take Our Quality Checking Process Very Seriously to Deliver Excellent Vinyl Flooring

    Here are the few factors you need to take into consideration when looking for the best vinyl flooring for your home:

    • Types- Vinyl plank flooring gives the appearance of a hardwood floor, and is even more durable and resistant to stain than traditional hardwood.
      Vinyl tile flooring looks like stone tile, and are easy to replace if damaged.
      The number of seams in a sheet vinyl flooring is limited, and it is highly resistant to moisture, making it perfect for the bathroom and kitchen areas.
    • Wear Layer- The durability of a traditional vinyl floor is not measured by an AC (abrasion class) rating, but by a wear layer. It is the extra coating of urethane on top of the vinyl planks to retain the original appearance of the floor. When choosing a durable option, look for a vinyl floor with a thicker wear layer, rather than a thick vinyl flooring.
    • Abrasion Class Rating- Thanks to the technological advancements, modern vinyl flooring now comes with an AC rating along with a wear layer. The AC rating denotes that there is an extra layer treated by aluminium oxide for protection against chemical stains, scratches, and dents. This is the ultimate combination of technology for waterproofing and durability extension. The AC ranking usually goes from 1 to 6, with AC4 being the best choice for commercial purposes.
    • Finish- The vinyl no-wax finish is best suited for low traffic areas, as they are very light and should be less exposed to dirt and moisture. The urethane finish, on the other hand, makes the product very tough and durable to suit moderate traffic areas. An enhanced urethane finish is the toughest option of them all and will be perfect for the high foot traffic areas of your home.

    To better choose the best vinyl flooring in Toronto, and add functionality to your home that’s within your budget, consult our experts today.

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    Installation Methods
    You Need To Know AboutChoose The Right Type Of Flooring

    Vinyl Flooring instalasion

    We Ensure That the Best Quality Vinyl Flooring Is Installed Using the Right Methods

    Along with different types of vinyl flooring, there are various types of installation methods as well. The wear layers need to be accommodated according to the installation procedure to give your floor a more wood-like appearance.

    The most common types of installation are:

    • Glue Down- In this type of installation, a workable area of vinyl adhesive is applied to the subfloor, or to the back of the plank.
    • Click-Lock- This makes for a very straightforward installation, where there is no need for any adhesive and the vinyl planks can be installed using either an interlocking or floating method.
    • Peel & Stick- Most vinyl plank flooring comes with adhesive attached to them, and allthat is required is to peel the covering layer bac and then attach the plank to the floor.
    • Loose Lay- A great way to install vinyl flooring, where friction from the back of the vinyl planks is used, instead of any adhesives or interlocking mechanism for keeping the flooring in its place

    When looking for a very functional and highly durable product, opt for the finest vinyl floorings in Toronto. For any assistance regarding the installation and/or maintenance trust our experts to guide you.

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    We provide the finest and most resilient vinyl flooring for the high moisture areas of your home.

    Being a thriving member of the flooring industry since 1999, we take pride in understanding what our customers want. Our 2 million square feet of inventory ensures that you will never run out of options when looking for the finest quality flooring products.

    For affordable, and highly durable flooring products from top brands across the GTA, opt for a name that has been trusted for over two decades.

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