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Amazon Hardwood Center provides complete flooring solutions and a variety of choices for your home. From different grades of hardwood to variants of laminates and vinyl floor tiles – customers can find something for their homes at the best value for money. Vinyl flooring in Markham is a popular choice for its versatility and affordability. They come in various textures, designs and forms like sheets and tiles. Our flooring experts can advise you regarding the best choice for your home and also help with the installation.

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What Is Vinyl?

This is a resilient substance that is made of artificial composites like rubber, PVC, and linoleum. It is a cost-efficient substitute for natural wood, ceramic, marble or concrete. Because of its low maintenance requirements and durability, vinyl is very popular.

At Amazon Hardwood Center, we offer vinyl variants with woody texture of hardwood like birch, oak and hickory.

Luxury Vinyl flooring is popular because it is:

  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Durable under heavy foot traffic
  • Reduces chances of “slipping” accidents
  • Resistant to moisture

If you are considering vinyl as the surface type for your home, we offer a broad range of textures and finishes. Visit us today at our Markham vinyl flooring store to find out more.

Is Vinyl Suitable for Your Home?

Vinyl surfaces are suitable for every type of environment, even if there is heavy traffic. It excels in environments such as:

  • commercial areas like offices, malls and buildings
  • areas with heavy footfall
  • basements, kitchens and bathrooms
  • homes with pets and children

Shop for vinyl flooring in Markham as its versatility makes it a great choice for a safe home.

How to Maintain and Install Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl flooring dealers in Markham can provide you with all kinds of kits and accessories to maintain your home properly. At Amazon Hardwood Center, we have experts who can give you tips on how to maintain the floor tiles.

Installation is easy, it can even be done by yourself. Although, we do have professional contractors working with us who can help you out.

Here are some tips to maintain your tiles:

  • use a doormat to keep off dirt and debris
  • sweep it frequently before the dirt settles in
  • use professional cleaners specifically designed for your floor type
  • don’t use over-wet mops to clean the surface
  • rinse off soap to avoid dirt accumulation
  • do not drag furniture across the room directly over the vinyl ground

You should keep in mind these factors while installing vinyl:

  • they should be installed over an extremely smooth sub-floor, preferably over a layer of plywood that is well sanded.
  • it can be laid on an existing single layer of vinyl. However, avoid installing the new layer over a textured layer as it will eventually form dents and marks and show through your new floor.

You can buy vinyl flooring in Markham at Amazon Hardwood Center. We aim to meet the requirements and preferences of every customer. We have a wide variety of wood textured vinyl to choose from. Set an appointment with us. Get a free quote and consultation on the best choice when you visit our head office.

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