Why Spring Is the Ideal Time to Replace Hardwood Flooring

So, you’ve found the best hardwood flooring installation company in Toronto. Congratulations! Now, when is the best time to install hardwood flooring?

You may have heard that wood tends to expand in humid summer weather and contract in winter due to its relative dryness. Indeed, spring is a great time to put in new hardwood flooring in your Markham home, thanks in part to its relatively balanced levels of humidity.

In this post, you will find out why spring is the ideal season for installing hardwood flooring.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Is Spring the Best Time to Get New Flooring?

If you are planning to remodel your flooring, spring is the perfect season. This is because it allows flooring to acclimatize the fastest with the least risk of problems.
So, if you don’t want your hardwood flooring to feel the detrimental impact of summer and winter’s extreme temperatures, choose spring. Here, we examine some of the key reasons why spring is the best time to get new flooring.

1. Temperature and Humidity Are Ideal
It is essential for your hardwood flooring to become acclimated to the environment in which it is being installed. But humid summer weather can adversely affect hardwood floors. This is because planks can absorb all the excess moisture in the air, which can distort, swell or even pull apart flooring. On the other hand, winter can cause wooden floors to dry out, shrink, and crack.

But spring provides a moderate temperature and humidity which allows planks to adjust to the weather with minimal change. So, you don’t have to stress out about avoiding expensive damage or plan a lengthy acclimation process for your new hardwood flooring.

2. You Can Open the Door as Required
Floor installation requires a lot of work, from shifting furniture and removing old floorboards to bringing in equipment and laying down new planking. This requires opening doors frequently for remodelling work.

If you undertake flooring installation in winter, it will let in the chill; during summer, the house will heat up. That means either your heating or air conditioning has to work overtime, leading to higher electricity bills and imbalanced indoor temperatures. But spring temperatures provide favourable weather so you can have your doors open for installation work.

3. Ventilation Will Be Easier
Hardwood flooring installation releases a lot of fumes and odours thanks to the adhesives, stains, and sealers that are used. You will want to disperse these as quickly as possible.

But to do so you need proper and sufficient ventilation by opening doors and windows. Unlike other seasons, spring provides ideal temperatures, so you can open up all your windows and still remain comfortable in your home.

In addition, new spring plants ( both indoor and outdoor) act as natural air purifiers that help mitigate the off-gassing of new flooring.

4. You Save Money
It is during spring that new lines of planks are released and old ones are discontinued and discounted. Therefore, you can either save money on the previous year’s products or have a variety of new planks from which to choose.

If you want to properly acclimate your new hardwood floors and endure fewer installation issues, consider doing it this spring. Visit Amazon Hardwood Center, Inc. We provide hardwood flooring installation services in Markham and nearby areas. If you have plans to install hardwood flooring in the near future, now is the perfect time to start planning. Our experts are here to help you out.