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Best Flooring Ideas for Home Gyms

When Google included fitness in their corporate wellness program, it was a unique approach to employee health, happiness and work-life balance. Amidst the challenges of everyday life, they added a dose of health and motivation. Exercise brought employees together, boosted their morale, and made them more productive. Today, fitness is the norm. With the rise of social media, it’s become more than just a lifestyle change. From Facebook posts to Instagram stories, we often see celebrities and other Read more [...]

How to Detect and Prevent Termite Damage to Wood Floor

Hardwood floors can last for generations provided they are well maintained and refinished periodically. But termite attacks can completely ruin them inside and out. A colony of termites is very difficult to detect but can destroy your beautiful flooring in just a few years. Hollow sounds from the floorboards, sagging and buckling floors, small holes and crumbling wood in places are signs of damage from termites. This post is a comprehensive guide to recognizing the presence of termites so you can Read more [...]

The Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

Wood flooring is broadly divided into two categories, hardwood and softwood. Both varieties are popular flooring options. However, there’s a common misconception that the differences between them is their density or hardness. The truth is that the two species are differentiated by their origin, structure, appearance and use. Let’s find out more. Origin Hardwood originates from angiosperm and deciduous trees. These flowering trees produce enclosed seeds such as acorns and apples. Read more [...]
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